2. Checkout, build, run

After your Eclipse installation is configured and your Subclipse plugin is installed, you can checkout the SocrateOpen source code from https://svn.bitsoftware.ro:8443/dev/SocrateOpen/trunk/

1. Disable Build Automatically (in the Project menu).
2. Go to File > Import... and select SVN -> Checkout Projects from SVN. Press Next.
3. Chose Create a new repository location. Press Next.
4. Enter the URL: https://svn.bitsoftware.ro:8443/dev/SocrateOpen/trunk. Press Next.
5. Select all the projects listed under the repository. Press Finish.
6. After the checkout completes, you need to build the SocrateOpen. 
    • Open the myDevEnvTemplate.bat (on Windows machines) from the utils_dev project, and edit the JAVA_HOME, COMPIERE_SOURCE, COMPIERE_ROOT and COMPIERE_INSTALL variables. Save the file with myDevEnv.bat name.
      For Unix / Linux / Solaris machines, a preconfigured myDevEnv.sh already exists. You should verify and change it if it doesn't match your environment.
    • Open a terminal (command prompt) window and navigate to the utils_dev folder from inside your local SocrateOpen root folder.
    • Launch RUN_Build.bat (sh).
    • At the end of the build, you will get an error message like this:

    • setupInit:
           [echo] SocrateOpen Server Setup ===================
           [echo] COMPIERE_HOME = /home/miki/temp/24_inst/SocrateOpen


      /home/miki/temp/temp/utils_dev/build.xml:92: The following error occurred while executing this line:
      /home/miki/temp/24_inst/SocrateOpen/build.xml:29: **** RUN_setup was not successful - please re-run ****

      You should ignore it for the moment.
    • In the command window, navigate to your COMPIERE_HOME directory (to locate it, see the above error message) and launch RUN_Setup.bat/sh in order to install the SocrateOpen Server. For Linux / Unix / Solaris, you should set the executable attribute for RUN_Setup.sh.
Prerequisite for the setup: A running Oracle XE/10g/11g database instance!
    • After the setup process and the database import are finlished, you should start the SocrateOpen Server. Go to the utils folder from inside the root of COMPIERE_HOME and launch RUN_Server2.bat/sh.
    • Go back to Eclipse, select all projects and choose File > Refresh.
    • Build the project inside Eclipse. Press the key combination Ctr+B until no error messages are displayed anymore in the Problems screen.
7. Launch SocrateOpen client from Eclipse
    • Open Run > Run configurations... and right-click on the Java Application category > New.
    • Enter the name SocrateOpen Client.
    • Choose client for the project and org.compiere.apps.AMenu for the main class.
    • Go to the Classpath tab, select User Entries and click the Add Projects... button. 
    • Check all available projects and then click OK.
    • Click the Run button.