2. Installing SocrateCloud for reference

For making changes to SocrateCloud Application Dictionary you will need a separate installation of SocrateCloud that will be used only for this purpose.

All the changes you make to SocrateCloud metadata should be made using this reference installation.

The steps to perfom are:

  • Install SocrateCloud and choose during setup to create a new database. This will be the reference database.

  • Open SocrateCloud Web User Interface

  • Login with user System (default password is System) and role System - System Administrator

  • Select the menu System Admin -> General Rules -> System Rules -> System

    • In the page that open set the following fields:

      • System Name = name of your choice for the installation

      • System Status = Reference

      • ID Range Start = value you receive from BITSoftware

      • ID Range End = value you receive from BITSoftware

    • Reset client/server cache

Click the button from the upper right corner and select Tools -> Cache Reset Client + Server

    • Logout