4. Getting SocrateCloud sources

Sources location

SocrateCloud sources are stored on GitHub at the following locations.

Getting Sources with Eclipse

Before getting SocrateCloud sources in Eclipse it is necessary to configure Eclipse IDE.

After Eclipse IDE is configured the following steps should be performed:

    • Open Eclipse and select from menu File -> Import...

    • In the dialog that opens select Git -> Projects from Git and click Next

    • Select Clone URI and click Next

    • Set URI = <GitHub URL location of project>, and your User/Password for GitHub. Then click Next and again Next.

    • Set Destination Directory to the <workspace location>/<project name>

    • Complete the wizard

Setting GWT library

In order to work with sweb project source code it is necessary to set the location of Google Web Toolkit library in Eclipse.

The following steps should be performed:

  • In Eclipse select from menu Window -> Preferences

  • In the dialog that opens, select in the left side navigation tree the path Google -> Web Toolkit and click Add... button

  • In the dialog that opens set Installation Directory to <workspace directory>/sweb/lib/GWT2.4

Note: Do NOT select other GWT version than 2.4