Terms of Use

What is the SocrateOpen Community?

You are the Community: all those who contribute with comments, changes or additions to the already existing content. Like you, we all strive to add value to businesses by using SocrateOpen.

Within the Community, there are SocrateOpen System users with various roles in their organisations: managers and decision-makers, application administrators, IT administrators, key users, IT specialists, implementation specialists, managerial and financial specialists, and developers.

Terms of Use

When posting comments to the existing content, consider the following rules:

Respect those who contribute to the improvement of the content of this site.

Contributions may be too easily evaluated as wrong. When you collaborate on a specific topic, respect the other contributors and the existing content.

Be concise and clear – The content of this site is in English, your comments must be concise and coherent. The site administrator monitors the comments you've posted and, assessing the comment quality, modifies the content as appropriate.

Be focussed – The questions regarding the SocrateOpen functionality, discussions and other opinions can be rather posted on the SocrateOpen Forum – SocrateOpen discussion group.

Be pro-active – Find a topic you are interested in, then post your comments, changes and additions that truly add value and quality to the already existing content.

Comply with the intellectual property legislation – Please do not post on this site the copyrighted materials.

Direct editing of content - In order to modify the page content, first you must register on the WebStore and subscribe to the Interest Area 'Doresc să particip în comunitatea SocrateOpen'

Important – In case there are members with an abusive, injurious, negative behaviour, their accounts will be terminated and their access to this site will be rejected.

How you can receive support

This site is not a substitute for the technical support services provided by BITSoftware. To receive answers from other members of the community, we recommend you to visit our discussion forum. To take advantage of professional services of maintenance and technical support, and to post errors and requests, please register on the BITSoftware Webstore and purchase a Standard or Enterprise yearly subscription.

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