Configure a reference database

Configure your own reference database

Each authorized development partner must use its own reference database configured in order to avoid ID collision for Application Dictionary entities.


    • A signed partner contract and a NonDisclosure Agreement with BIT Software

To configure a partner reference database follow these steps:

    1. Request the development component for SocrateOpen if you don't have it

    2. Request an ID range if you don't have one

    3. Create a database using the SocrateOpen installer. Be sure the development component (sdev.sar) is in the component folder of the SocrateOpen install kit!

    4. Login with the System account, open the System window and make these changes:

      • choose Reference for "System Status"

      • fill in the "ID Range Start" and "ID Range End" fields (located in the Development section of the window) with your own range

  1. Log out and log in again with the System account

    1. Run the process named "Sequence Check"

Submitting code changes to BITSoftware's GitHub repository

All changes to the source code must be submitted using pull requests.

Never commit/push directly in the master branch!

Follow these steps to create pull requests:

    1. Be sure you are on the master branch of the project.

    2. Pull from GitHuib the last modifications

    3. Create a new branch for your development:

      • right click on the project

      • choose Team -> Switch To -> New branch ...

      • Name the branch based on the change request number

      • Note: leave the option "Checkout new branch" selected

    1. From this point, all your work will go to the new branch.

    2. When you finished the work commit your changes and push the branch to GitHub:

    1. Create a new pull request, using the GitHub webpage of the project:

      • Log in to GitHub:

      • Choose BITSoftware for dashboard context:

      • enter the project name in the Repositories search box:

      • open the project, switch to the newly pushed branch and create a new pull request using the "New pull request" button

      • Write a short comment about the changes and push "Create pull request" button:

From this point, a BITSoftware's developer will review the changes. If all of the modifications are approved, the changes will be merged into the master branch. In some cases, the developer may ask you to make further changes/improvements. In that case, the changes will be made on the same branch as used for the pull request.

More details about pull requests can be found at here.

Request changes to the reference database

External developers have no direct access to the main reference database. All required changes will be discussed with a BITSoftware's senior developer. The changes will be made by that developer.