If SocrateOpen does not work properly - there are bottlenecks, error messages, or it basically doesn't do what you are expecting it to do (for example, when finalizing a document, its status turns into Not valid instead of Finalized), a.s.o., - you must identify the cause of this situation.

Depending on the location of the incident, the debugging can be operated as follows:

    1. Debugging on the SocrateOpen Server (including debugging of the web interface of the SocrateOpen Professional).

    2. Debugging on the SocrateOpen Client.

Regardless of the debugging method you will use, the steps required to identify an incident are identical:

    1. Set the log to the proper level of detail.

    2. Analyse the log.

    3. Debug the source code (if the log analysis wasn't enough to identify the cause of the incident).

Setting the Level of Detail for Logs

Depending on the incident, the level of detail will be set either for the SocrateOpen Server or for the Java Client.

    • for the SocrateOpen Server, the setting is done in the SocrateOpen Server Management section, launched from the server's start page (http://<nume_server_socrateopen:[port]>/admin), choosing the required level (All or Finest) for the Trace Log Level option.

    • for the Java Client, the setting is done in the preferences section (Tools > Preference).

Analyzing Logs

    • the current server log can be displayed and analysed by using the Current link in the SocrateOpen Server Management section. If you want to display and analyse older logs, choose the log you need from the All log files section.

    • the Java Client log can be displayed via the preferences page (Tools > Preference) on the Errors tab. By default, only those messages with a Warning or Error severity level are displayed. To display all messages, click the Errors Only button.

For an improved visibility, we recommend you to save the log file by clicking on the Save to File button.

In both cases (SocrateOpen Server log or Java Client log), the records starting with "========>" indicate errors, while the records starting with "---------------->" indicate warnings.

Debugging on the Source Code